Zumba is a world dance cardio fitness class. More like a party than a workout, though.

"I love this song - you really matched choreo with the music to help students FEEL the cumbia beat. So very well done. thank you very much, I plan to use it in my new January class." - Betty

"My dear girl...you are absolutely majestically MARVELOUS!!!! Your love and passion for dance is infectious. I LOVE IT!!! and so do all of your students...Just wonderful!!" - Maria
Lola, you are a breath of fresh air in the true spirit of Zumba, your choreos are exactly the tone I try to strike in my class: fun, dancerly, and a real variety of music. You are an antidote to the 'go for the burn' step class mentality. I hope you don't mind if I shamelessly steal some :) -Jennifer B. (Derbyshire, England) ... Hello, I am Zumba instructor in CA. I have been a big time fan of your routine. You are a beautiful dancer, and wish I could come take ur classes. I honestly think you should be ZES. Or you should at least appear on next Zin release. You are true talent. Thanks for inspiration and keep this coming!! Zumba love.-Kay (CA, USA)

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